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Modular laboratory systems, coupled with the mobility of workbenches on wheels, offer easy access in potential revision scenarios for electrical and plumbing installations. Simultaneously, they provide significant convenience during laboratory cleanups. Shelf systems, service columns, and horizontally configured shelves with identical physical features make up the modular units. Columns of varying heights, coated with anti-acid epoxy paint and baked at 200 degrees, are assembled to form the shelf system.

Ugur Medical® Laboratory Systems

Ugur Medical® Laboratory Systems stand as a testament to our dedication to advancing scientific solutions. Our cutting-edge systems not only meet but exceed the expectations of modern laboratories, providing an unmatched blend of innovation, safety, and quality.

Advanced Technology, Unrivaled Precision:

Employing state-of-the-art technology, our laboratory systems are meticulously engineered to offer unrivaled precision in handling high-intensity chemicals and facilitating intricate experimental procedures. The integration of advanced features ensures that your laboratory remains at the forefront of scientific exploration.

Customization for Your Unique Needs:

Recognizing the diverse requirements of laboratories across industries, Ugur Medical® offers a spectrum of customization options. Tailor our Laboratory Systems to meet your unique needs, whether you are conducting research in biotechnology, chemistry, or medical sciences. Our commitment to flexibility ensures that our solutions seamlessly integrate into your specific workflow.

Product Features:

Ergonomic Design: Our laboratory systems are ergonomically designed to provide maximum user comfort and efficiency during various laboratory tasks.

High Chemical Resistance: Built to handle chemicals with high intensity, our laboratory systems ensure durability and longevity, maintaining their structural integrity even in challenging chemical environments.

CE Certification: Our laboratory systems carry CE certification, attesting to their compliance with European safety standards, guaranteeing user and environmental safety.

Pingo Casters: Equipped with pingo casters on the legs, our laboratory systems offer mobility and stability, capable of withstanding floor slopes. These casters are also chemically resistant for added durability.

Versatile Sink Compatibility: Compliant with DIN 12898 standards for laboratory taps, our systems are compatible with various sink materials, including polypropylene, stainless steel, and industrial ceramic sinks.

Safety Glass: The laboratory systems are finished with safety glass that provides both vertical and horizontal movement, ensuring a clear view and ease of access for users.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction: By providing a secure and healthy working environment, our laboratory systems contribute to increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

Adherence to Standards: Our laboratory systems comply with industry standards, meeting the requirements outlined in DIN 12898 for both water and gas connections.

Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, our laboratory systems boast a robust construction to withstand the demands of a laboratory setting, ensuring long-term reliability.

Efficient Ventilation: The ventilation system in our laboratory systems is designed for optimal air circulation, promoting a safe and controlled environment for handling chemicals and conducting experiments.

Price: Laboratory System prices vary depending on the model, capacity, and features. Contact us to pricing your special needs.

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