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Welcome! İlk İhracat A.Ş. is a joint export company of some Turkish Metal Industry Manufacturers. With a wide range of products and services and top-notch craftsmanship, we offer you the convenience of meeting all your metal product and service needs in one place.

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A Wide Range of Products and Services

In the metal sector, almost every type of material, service, and product you need can be found within’s portfolio.

The Strength of Our Partners

We’ve brought together select and dynamic companies from the Turkish metal industry.

What we do?


Diverse Materials to Meet Your Project Needs


Comprehensive Precision Services for Your Project


High Quality Custom or Mass Production Products.

About Us

Steeling.Net carries out partner exporting activities in the Turkish metal industry. Our partner manufacturers are companies that specialize in sheet and steel processing and have a wide product range.

Materials (sheet metal and steel, aluminum, other metals), services (cutting, bending, machining, moulding, casting, prototype, engineering, cut-to-size etc.), products (pipe, profile, shelf systems, conveyor systems, structural connections, stands, machines and parts, automotive equipment, fasteners, furniture, etc.) our services are expanding every day. READ MORE

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Our vision: At, we aim not only to be leaders in the marketing of steel products but also to be pioneers in creating a positive impact on the environment, society, and stakeholders. We conduct our operations to support societal development and take responsibility in the field of sustainability.

Our Mission: Our mission is to produce high-quality products while respecting the environment, being sensitive to societal needs, and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders. We operate in line with corporate social responsibility principles, considering adding value to our employees, society, and the environment as our fundamental principle.

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