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Chemical Storage Cabinet

    1. A chemical storage cabinet is a specially designed storage unit aimed at securely storing various chemicals. This cabinet is manufactured using high-quality materials to protect chemicals from potential harmful effects. Typically used in laboratories, factories, and industrial settings, the chemical storage cabinet features a closable lid, a secure locking mechanism, and special fire suppression systems to reduce the risk of fire. Additionally, there is a ventilation system inside the cabinet to control air flow. These features ensure the safe storage of chemicals for both environmental and human health.

Ugur Medical® Chemical Storage Cabinet

Our Chemical Storage Cabinets are designed by paying attention to factors such as flashpoint, heat sensitivity, ventilation requirements, packaging features (plastic, glass, metal, etc.). These cabinets provide the necessary features for the co-storage of chemical substances in the working environment and minimize potential hazards associated with the storage of hazardous materials. Produced in compliance with safety standards, these cabinets play a crucial role in protecting worker health and the environment.

Product Features:

  1. Safe Materials: Our chemical storage cabinets are constructed from high-quality materials, providing a durable structure for the safe storage of various chemicals.
  2. Sealable Lid: The sealable lid feature ensures the protection of chemicals from external factors and restricts access to the contents.
  3. Secure Locking Mechanism: The specially designed secure locking mechanism prevents unauthorized access, ensuring the safe storage of chemicals.
  4. Fire Suppression System: The cabinet is equipped with a specialized fire suppression system, minimizing the risk of fire and allowing for quick intervention.
  5. Air Ventilation System: Designed with a ventilation system to control internal air circulation, preventing the accumulation of chemical vapors and ensuring safe storage.
  6. Appropriate Packaging Features: Suitable packaging options for chemicals (plastic, glass, metal, etc.) meet storage requirements effectively.
  7. Compliance with Safety Standards: The cabinets are produced in compliance with national and international safety standards, offering users a reliable storage solution.

Price: Chemical Storage Cabinet prices vary depending on the model, capacity, and features. Contact us to pricing your special needs.

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What materials are these cabinets made of?

The cabinets are made from high-quality materials, typically durable metal alloys or specialized chemical-resistant plastics. Rigorous quality controls are applied during the manufacturing process.

What safety features do the cabinets have?

The cabinets are equipped with secure locking mechanisms, fire suppression systems, and ventilation systems. Additionally, they comply with national and international safety standards.

Do the cabinets come in different capacity and size options?

Yes, we offer various capacity and size options so that customers can choose a model that suits their specific needs.

What Support Do You Provide for Installation and Usage of Your Laboratory Systems?

We provide detailed guides for the installation and usage of our products. Additionally, we offer technical support via phone or email.

What are the different packaging options for storing chemicals?

The cabinets are designed to accommodate various packaging types, including plastic, glass, metal, etc.

What kind of customer support is available for your products?

Customer support is comprehensive, covering product usage, assembly, and warranty-related queries. Our products also come with a specified warranty period.

Is there a user manual provided for the products?

Is there a user manual provided for the products?

Is there a user manual provided for the products?

    • Certainly, we would be happy to provide you with references from previous customers along with their feedback.